Very Experienced Maths/Physics Tutor – Oxford Graduate

What You Will Get…

I graduated from Exeter College, University of Oxford with a degree in Physics (4-year Master of Physics). I have over six years of teaching experience as a private tutor. In addition to this, I have extensive experience training corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.
Neither Maths nor Physics has to be difficult. In my experience, any student can excel ahead if they are given the right kind of extra help with these subjects. It is especially important that students attain high marks in their Maths exams so that they can go on to have a good career and a prosperous future.
I am able to tutor students of a wide variety of ages and abilities. This includes students who are struggling with the course and need to bring their grades up, right up to very competent students who want to further stretch their capabilities to the fullest extent.
I teach Maths or Physics, from Primary School level, through GCSE, and up to A-Level. I can also prepare students for the Oxford University interview and entrance tests.
I am now taking on a few students for the summer holidays. The summer is the perfect opportunity to gain an advantage for the start of the new term.
I am also able to offer regular lessons for the 2017/18 academic year. However, places will usually fill quickly. I charge £50 for a one hour lesson, or a reduced rate of £40/hour for a two hour session – ideal for multiple students in the same household. Lessons are normally conducted at your home. I can also conduct lessons in a library or quiet coffee shop.
I can guarantee to you that as my student, you will reach your full potential and have the best chance of success in this competitive world.
If you have any questions/queries, or to book your first lesson, please get in touch!
I look forward to speaking with you,


Tel: 0742 437 1900
Academic qualifications, Identity documents and CRB certificate available upon request

Newest Results

“Hey Max, it’s Matt.  I just wanted to let you know I will be starting Geophysics at Bristol this fall.  I am most grateful to your amazing services, patience and understanding.  Thankyou.”

Matt A-level Maths and Physics

“Hi Max, Neelesh results was good.  He got A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics.  Imperial is confirmed.  Thanks for all your help and support.  Much appreciated.”

Mrs S A-level Maths, Further Maths and Physics

“[My son] got 3A*s and an A.  Got admission into Trinity College, Cambridge.  Thanks a lot for your help.”

Mrs R A-level Maths, Further Maths and Physics

“Happy to inform you that my son got a place in LSE (London School of Economics).  Thanks for all your support and guidance.”

Vidya A-level Maths, Further Maths and Physics

“The girls got in to St Catherine’s! thank you for your valuable help and support.”

Olesia 13+ Common Entrance Maths and Science

“Dear Max, just wanted to inform you of the results – Edward did extremely well, he achieved A*’s in all three Sciences and Maths. All other subjects were A*’s and A’s (The only B was in Latin). We are extremely grateful for all your help. We will be needing you when the new term begins, so will see you then.”

Catherine GCSE Maths and Physics

“Hi Max, Adam scored a very high mark on his test, so will be moving into the top set!”

Natalie Year 9 Maths and 13+ Common Entrance

“Hi Max, Neelesh got above 95 UMS in all Maths.  100 D1.  Thanks for your efforts.


Sasi A-Level Maths and Further Maths

“Hello Max, took my test today and passed! Thank you for your help.”

Annabelle PGCE Professional Skills Test Numeracy

“Max – just to let you know Julia did really well in her exams. She got an A* in maths so she is very happy – thanks for all your help.”

Sofia GCSE Maths

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